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All About The Basics of Imessage

A number of apple users are unaware of the imessage feature on their iphone; and there are many who don’t know the difference between normal text message and imessage nor are they aware of the various benefits of using the imessage feature. So, Immediately Download iMessage for Your Laptop. In this article you will get to know about the various differences between a normal text message and imessage and also its various benefits.

Difference between text message and imessage:

The basic and the only difference between the two is that a regular text message use the text messaging plan that one purchases from the mobile carrier. While an imessage uses the data plan to send messages and can only be sent through working internet connection. No internet connection or wifi means no imessage can be sent; while regular message can be sent normally without the internet anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of using iMessage:

1.Imessage do a lot more than a regular text message; it sends photos, videos, files locations and MMS which a regular text messages cannot send.
2.The speed of sending an Imessage is a lot more as it uses the wifi connection or the data plan. Though it is a little expensive as it requires an internet plan along with a carrier plan.
3.One can send SMS and MMS at a faster speed using the internet; you can send innumerable photos and other large files through it just like watsapp 4.  Just like watsapp it has the quick chat option. 5. The imessage also has emojis just like other chatting apps. 6.  Imessage also allows one to call another user with the imessage facility. 7. All imessages are encrypted and can be tracked only by using delivery receipts. 8. It even informs whether a person has read the message or not. 9. You can even make free calls from imessage to the imessage users only..


The biggest drawback of imessage is that it only works between apple devices. So if you have an android friend then you cannot imessage them but can only leave a text message or a watsapp message. Even for group chats the imessage doesn’t work; if there is an android person in the chat then the whole chat will use SMS or MMs messages.

Except for all the benefits and drawbacks imessage also has a number of fun features; that include pretty chat app-tools like stickers which can be added to the message while sending an imessage. There is a feature of drawing on photos before you send them; then there is an advanced feature of using your handwriting in messages and also the bubble effects. Using bubble pop and the invisible ink are few other fun and interesting features of the imessage app.

So this apple messaging app is good if you have a number of iphone users on your contact list, otherwise it is of no use. But still there are people who are die hard apple users and love it for all the different features; imessage being one of them.

Our Apps


This app was designed to make the process of keeping track of passwords easier.
It basically acts as a storage unit for all your usernames and passwords for every account you open on the internet.
The only password you have to memorize is the one you need to open the app. Once the app is open, it will enable you to access all your accounts at your convenience.
So if you forget your password easily, this app is for you.


This app is for workers that like following to-do lists. All you have to do is open the app and add a task. Once the task is completed, you swipe it to the right. This is just like using a dating app.


This app is an all-purpose news outlet. What it does is that it creates a constantly changing stream of live data that it generates from websites you visit the most. Also, you can sort this data by using custom made categories. This app saves you time from moving from one website to another. You get all the necessary information you need from all your favourite websites on one page. Talk about convenience!


This is one of the most powerful business apps available on app stores. Wunderlist allows you to keep track of your ongoing projects, no matter how many they are. With this app you can track changes, compile lists, and set up reminders. It is basically a project management application. It has a user friendly interface and it is compatible with every desktop and mobile platform.




This app does exactly what 1Password does. The only difference is that LastPass allows you to create a master password that you can use to access all your accounts irrespective of the individual passwords set for them. It also uses a high tech encryption system to ensure that your login data is secure. You can get the normal version for free but you will have to pay $12 annually for the Pre!iu version if you want to enjoy all the app's features.




This app turns your mobile device into a portable scanner that can be used to share and store vital documents. All you have to do is take a picture of the paperwork and convert it into PDF format straight directly on your phone. It is an asset for owners of small businesses who find it useful for monitoring and managing expenses. A marketing specialist, Bandes recommends that you use CamScanner to scan your important documents and them save them on remote storage tools like Google Drive. This is an improvement from storing them in shoeboxes. Like LastPass discussed above, there is a free version of this app for starters but you have to pay $5 monthly for the Premium version.




This app is used for communicative functions. It is employed by both small and large scale businesses to collaborate on projects, delegate functions, and track the progress of ongoing projects. It provides real time updates to team members via notifications. These updates could be about ongoing conversations and progress reports on the ongoing project or task. It is free but like all the other apps in this article, it has a Premium version that has to be paid for. The administrative team at Freight Center credits the app for helping them improve their productivity across board. Freight Center is an app used exclusively for comparing the changes in shipping rates.




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