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About Liteblue And Its Amazing Features

LiteBlue is the next generation employee communication designed to help employees in the USA to communicate rapidly and stay tuned. This is the portal that comprises of all necessary details and information that you want to know about revenue, career development, products, service performance and recognition. The portal also comprises a section where employees can share their thoughts and send feedbacks. Besides, the employees also get secure access to PostalEASE through the portal of USPS liteblue by ReynardsNYC and this helps them to check and even change the benefits selections during the open season. LiteBlue is all set to evolve continuously and transform to deliver results to serve the postal employees better in a postal way.

About LiteBlue USPS!

Before the launch of this web-based service, the management of the postal services was simply a mess within the United States. Moreover, managing the funding, resources, postal records and other crucial matters were handled manually throughout the network. Due to the advancement in technology, LiteBlue USPS was launched to manage most of the operations within the postal department efficiently. All the postal employees were given rights to access the portal and check all their benefits, orders and other details. This is the service that comes with a variety of categorization to help employees in their operations. This service handles the information like the work assignments to superior control, salary details, and team management tools.

It is not easy to handle the largest postal network in the world. But with the advent of the LiteBlue USPS portal, faster communication, optimal data flow and connection between networks are sustained flawlessly. This service has a variety of features which employees can enjoy.

Some of the Top Features of LiteBlue!

LiteBlue is the web-based service designed for the postal employees and it has been in use for many years now. All the associated members and the postal employees have access to this portal service. There are a variety of uses and features associated with this portal service. Below are some of the crucial and important features that LiteBlue offers.

NOTE: The BioEnergy Code is an audio that teaches you how to switch up your chakra as fast as possible. It doesn’t require that you have any skill or technique. BioEnergy Code works with something as simple as a switch! There is a switch that quickly unleashes the full power of your body’s bioenergy. For many years that gurus and spiritual leaders have known about the seven chakras in the body, they have created methods to unblock bioenergy and release energy to the body.

With BioEnergy Code Review, the switch from slow to fast is now possible. This switch is possible with the latest neurological brain wave programming. Bioenergy code combines the traditional chakra teachings with guided meditations and powerful visualizations. It is powerful audio that does not bother you with knowing the chakra that needs balancing. It also eliminates the need to master strange techniques or devote your life to a guru.

Download Vidmate For PC Windows (7/8.1/10)

Love watching videos online? I think you do! Everyone loves watching videos online. We all are addicted to video sharing sites like Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. However, many times you would like to download a video from these sites. At such times, Vidmate for PC comes to the rescue. Vidmate is an app through which one can download videos from online video-sharing sites like Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram and Vimeo. Vidmate allows the user to download any video from these sites in HD quality. It automatically saves the video to your smartphone's memory.

Vidmate is one of the popular which allows its user to download movies, songs, videos, T.V shows, funny videos, etc. In the latest version of the app, the developers have also added the option to stream 'Live T.V.' This means that you can watch Live TV on-the-go for free, without having to pay any subscription charges. Vidmate was officially released for Android and iOS devices. There is no official version of the app for PC. However, we have found a way through which you can run the app on your computer or laptop and use its features. Vidmate offers some top-notch features in the market. It is one of its kinds. To know How to install Vidmate for PC/Laptop and about the features of Vidmate, keep reading further.

How to Download Vidmate for PC/Laptop on Windows:

As I mentioned earlier, there is no official release of Vidmate for PC. However, we have an alternate method for installing Vidmate on PC. Download the file given below to get started with the installation process. The apk file provided below is 100% malware free and free of viruses. Our trusted and reliable sources have ensured the ingenuity of the apk file. You should not have any issues with it.

Once you have finished downloading the above-given apk file, you can now move on to the actual installation process. However, for this process, we need an android emulator like BlueStacks installed to continue with the installation process.

Simple Steps to Download Vidmate for PC on Windows 7/8.1/10:

If you don't have an android emulator installed, you can download one(BlueStacks) from their official site here. Follow the simple instructions below to learn how to install offline installer on pc - bluestacks. Next you can proceed to download and install vidmate apk in your device.

How To Download Viber For PC Windows (7/8.1/10) Laptop and Mac Free

Viber is one of the best application available for doing online messaging and calling to your friends, parents, colleagues, family members and much more. Viber is the best application available for making Voice calls to anyone but the person should have Viber either on their PC or Mobile Device. Viber is a very addictive app which helps users to communicate with each other by consuming very fewer data even when you do video calling it consumes relatively lesser data and provides a great quality, though. It has a great interface and easy to use. For those people who don't know much about Viber must look around the whole Article to find out that What makes Viber interesting for People and what actually it is.

Viber is an Application which helps you to communicate with users. You can communicate to other people through messages, Voice calls and you can even make video calls. Viber can also be used on 2G network connection but in 2G, you won't be able to quality Voice Video calls. Viber is the best alternative available for WhatsApp and other same application available worldwide. Even Viber doesn't consume much internet, Hardly it consumes 20-30 MB for a high-quality video call of an hour or even more(TIME).

ShowBox for PC/Laptop - Download on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac

To get more fun and entertainment, it takes time for you to reach the place by crossing miles. It will lead to loss of energy level, time and more. People who like the smartest way don’t fall for this situation. To avoid these kinds of situation, people would like to show their interest towards the applications to spend more time. In terms of watching your favorite movies, you don’t need to spend more money on watching in theaters. From this guide learn how to use showbox on pc windows 10. With the help of this amazing application, you can stream any type of videos to watch on your SmartPhone.

Using this great application, you can watch an enormous number of Hollywood movies as per your wish. When it comes to accessing this application on your device, it is very simple and flexible to handle further. To use this amazing application, the user doesn’t need to pay a single buck for this app. It is free for the users to download and stream unlimited movies and TV serials. If any of the people who got to miss an episode of TV serials, then Showbox is always considered to be the best solution to access.

Showbox App

Simple and Flexible to use

As we mentioned earlier, this application is very easy to access on your SmartPhone device. Once the installation process is done, you can now tap to open it and visit the search engine. If you are looking for a particular video to watch, all you just need to search for a respective keyword. Once it is done, then you will see the video appearing on your display screen. This thing will be simple to access it on your device. Likewise, you can watch any of the movies and episode of particular serial using this application.

Antivirus Free - Download Norton Antivirus Free Trial Software

Good quality antivirus software for PC is very important as it provides protection against different types of attacks. A large number of antivirus options are available in the market, which provides virus protection. Norton antivirus for PC is one such option which is among the most popular choices of people. Different types of functionalities provided by the antivirus software make it the best buy among other available options.

What are the functionalities of antivirus?

Some vital roles which are played by an antivirus software includes,

iTube Apk Download For Android Free Youtube Downloader

Now it is much easier to download different videos from YouTube and other sites with tube app. Yes, this app comes with easy to the user interface that makes things much easier for every user. You just need to get this app on your device and you are done to enjoy all of its features in one click. Basically, it is the android application which is used for saving music from the videos of YouTube or others as cache file which means that it allows you to search for the favorite videos and helps in saving the videos in an Mp3 file.

Itubeapp App Download, Available for free

This app being the android app is available for free for all the users and people can install them on their device to download videos instantly. You must have heard about the YouTube which has become the largest source of the entertainment along with the information. if you are willing to download the MP3 song on an Android device from any video, then this app can help you in this matter. This application utilizes the latest memory of RAM storing technology for saving Cache MP3 file from YouTube video which has been played. This app is beyond the thinking and a complete multimedia player.

All About The Basics of Imessage

A number of apple users are unaware of the imessage feature on their iphone; and there are many who don’t know the difference between normal text message and imessage nor are they aware of the various benefits of using the imessage feature. So, Immediately Download iMessage for Your Laptop. In this article you will get to know about the various differences between a normal text message and imessage and also its various benefits.

Difference between text message and imessage:

The basic and the only difference between the two is that a regular text message use the text messaging plan that one purchases from the mobile carrier. While an imessage uses the data plan to send messages and can only be sent through working internet connection. No internet connection or wifi means no imessage can be sent; while regular message can be sent normally without the internet anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of using iMessage:

1.Imessage do a lot more than a regular text message; it sends photos, videos, files locations and MMS which a regular text messages cannot send.
2.The speed of sending an Imessage is a lot more as it uses the wifi connection or the data plan. Though it is a little expensive as it requires an internet plan along with a carrier plan.
3.One can send SMS and MMS at a faster speed using the internet; you can send innumerable photos and other large files through it just like watsapp.



Top Apps For Improving Workplace Productivity

Technology has already influenced almost all parts of our daily lives, why should we then curb its encroachment into the workplace?


A lot of corporate establishments have an IT department that takes care of tasks like software development for in-house use and hardware repairs. For a business entity to perform excellently, all its workers must be firing on all cylinders at all times.


Some mobile applications have been developed for just this purpose. Their task is to make routine jobs easier and also to make the process of executing them fun for workers.

Our Apps


This app was designed to make the process of keeping track of passwords easier.
It basically acts as a storage unit for all your usernames and passwords for every account you open on the internet.
The only password you have to memorize is the one you need to open the app. Once the app is open, it will enable you to access all your accounts at your convenience.
So if you forget your password easily, this app is for you.


This app is for workers that like following to-do lists. All you have to do is open the app and add a task. Once the task is completed, you swipe it to the right. This is just like using a dating app.


This app is an all-purpose news outlet. What it does is that it creates a constantly changing stream of live data that it generates from websites you visit the most. Also, you can sort this data by using custom made categories. This app saves you time from moving from one website to another. You get all the necessary information you need from all your favourite websites on one page. Talk about convenience!


This is one of the most powerful business apps available on app stores. Wunderlist allows you to keep track of your ongoing projects, no matter how many they are. With this app you can track changes, compile lists, and set up reminders. It is basically a project management application. It has a user friendly interface and it is compatible with every desktop and mobile platform.




This app does exactly what 1Password does. The only difference is that LastPass allows you to create a master password that you can use to access all your accounts irrespective of the individual passwords set for them. It also uses a high tech encryption system to ensure that your login data is secure. You can get the normal version for free but you will have to pay $12 annually for the Pre!iu version if you want to enjoy all the app's features.




This app turns your mobile device into a portable scanner that can be used to share and store vital documents. All you have to do is take a picture of the paperwork and convert it into PDF format straight directly on your phone. It is an asset for owners of small businesses who find it useful for monitoring and managing expenses. A marketing specialist, Bandes recommends that you use CamScanner to scan your important documents and them save them on remote storage tools like Google Drive. This is an improvement from storing them in shoeboxes. Like LastPass discussed above, there is a free version of this app for starters but you have to pay $5 monthly for the Premium version.




This app is used for communicative functions. It is employed by both small and large scale businesses to collaborate on projects, delegate functions, and track the progress of ongoing projects. It provides real time updates to team members via notifications. These updates could be about ongoing conversations and progress reports on the ongoing project or task. It is free but like all the other apps in this article, it has a Premium version that has to be paid for. The administrative team at Freight Center credits the app for helping them improve their productivity across board. Freight Center is an app used exclusively for comparing the changes in shipping rates.




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